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Get a page for your Business / Organization to position it in the best way on the Internet and publicize your products and services. Our pages have an attractive and friendly design for visitors to your site.

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We offer you

A page with an aesthetic and elegant design that will feature the following sections, with key points of your organization / company.

Mission of the Company

A description what your company do and market.

Vision of the company

What are the future objectives your organization / company want to achieve?.

Work team

Information about the members of your organization / company (photos and descriptions).

Commercial information

Opening hours, phone numbers, products / services offered (photos, prices, short description).

Location map

Map of your company's location in Google Maps.

Social networks

Show social networks links to your organization / company so that visitors can follow you immediately.

Image gallery

Gallery of images where the different products that they commercialize are shown.

Contact Section

Your potential customers can contact you using a contact form.

Advertising Section

Advertising section where Banners (Posters) of your sponsors are shown.

* The sections mentioned above are suregencies that are applied according to the needs of each organization / company and the model of the selected page (template). They are not mandatory.

Terms & Conditions

The development of the sites is subject to our bases and conditions. For any kind of doubt you can contact us by any means (email, telephone, social networks, etc.)

  • The content of these pages is static, that is, it does not entail the development of a management system for the client.
  • Any type of modification requested on the structures and styles of the sites has an additional cost of $ 700 each change requested (except the elimination of sections).
  • The client must provide the images, titles, subtitles, etc. of the sections that the development team requests.
  • The client has a time of 3 weeks to provide the development team with the requested information (photos / images, logo, text, etc.). After this time, without response from the client, development is paralyzed.
  • Once the scope of the project has been established, if it is well defined, the full project time will be estimated. This estimated time can be divided into small delivery periods, when the customer must pay the amount corresponding to this period worked. For example: if a total development time of one month was estimated at a final price of $ 1000, and it was established on working days, the client canceled $ 250 in the first week, $ 250 in the second week and so on until completing total quantity
  • Once the development has begun, deliveries of site advances will be made so that the client can see at what stage they are working.
  • Once an increase has been delivered, the client must pay for it, review and make the corresponding observations.
  • If the client does not respond to these deliveries in a maximum time of 1 month, the development of the site is paralyzed.
  • If the client accumulates two deliveries of unpaid functionalities, the development of the project is paralyzed.
  • Once the site is delivered, the client has a time of 2 weeks to test it and report any errors or omissions that may have arisen due to misinterpreted requirements by the development team or by a bad expression on the part of the client, so that the same be corrected within the same budget. Once this time has passed, any correction requested will be confirmed again.
  • If the development of the site is paralyzed by any of the reasons mentioned above, or by other factors that may arise, retake the development has a surcharge of $ 1500.
  • The form of payment can be through MercadoPago or cash through a meeting agreed.
  • C type invoice will be delivered.

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